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Beads for the Bayou

First years, here me out.

I know you're new to Agnes Scott, and that's awesome. College is a pretty cool place, I like to hink, and something unique about it is real life situations.

Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast just last week. Some people evacuated, but a great number did not and could not. Many died. You may not have seen the tragedy on TV or on the internet, but, I hope you understand the seriousness of the situation. This is not a normal hurricane - it was a level 4 when it hit, but had been a 5 until it crossed over land. New Orleans was not prepared for anything over a level 3, and it shows badly.

Agnes Scott is doing great things next week to rally aid for those affected and afflicted by this diaster. Good items are being refused by Red Cross and most major organizations (because it's too expensive to handle, inspect, ship, etc the items) but the Red Cross is accepting monetary donations.

Beads for the Bayou is helping this out. Beads will be sold everyday next week at lunch, from 11:30 to 2. Prices will range from $1.00 to $5.00, depending on the quality and quanity of beads sold. Please, stop by and buy beads from Beads for the Bayou. The money will go directly to Red Cross, which then will be used solely on the Gulf Coast rebuilding and rescuing its people and cities.

I need some help between 1-2 PM everyday, but most particularly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursdays are also open, if you have time for the drive. Right now, very few people are manning the table in Evans Dining Hall for the Beads for the Bayou sale, and I would like help. There's no pressure. It's simple buy-and-sell business. The beads are in good condition and well seperated.

An hour of your time will affect the Beads for the Bayou drive. It will save lives, reconstruct homes, and change the people the aid finally reaches. You can make a difference. Please, do so. Thank you.

To contact about helping out the drive, please email me at: lrichier@agnesscott.edu or leave a comment on this entry. I appreciate your time. Thank you for any response you may have.
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