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this is your brain on cabin fever

ok, so i feel really ridiculous asking this, but it's past 3am, i'm in a really crazy i-wish-i-were-tired-enough-to-sleep mood, and i'm considering this to be a sort of "early-morning insomniac confessions" moment, so here goes:

you know of the groups on facebook, there's one that's like "a nickel between the knees at asc." now, i'm really hoping that this must be some sort of southern thing or something, because i have no idea what on earth that means. i'm creative enough to come up with a few possibilities of what it might be, but the group description says something like, "c'mon, does that even need a description?" and while it's quite possible that i'm really just that out of touch with reality, i think i would've have at least heard the phrase before.

um, please don't laugh at me (too much) for not only having no clue what it's talking about, but for also being enough of a loser to ask about it on livejournal. i seriously just have absolutely nothing better to do with my time than this...

p.s. i know i can not be the only person right now who's secretly nervous that her roommate is going to think she's a freak. i mean, i'm weird and all, but what if my roommate... isn't.

ok, yeah... i promise i can pass for mostly normal when i haven't been stranded alone at my house all day for like four days straight without anybody to talk to except my dog and the occasional crazy family member. really.
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