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fall class selection

Hello girls,
I was just wondering how many of you have made your selections for fall classes. Also, if you have made your selections, which ones did everyone select? I'm so lost, I wrote down which ones I might be interested in but I don't have any math or science classes. Should I have a math or science class? Just some random questions. Thanks all.
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I haven't chosen mine yet as I'm waiting on my AP scores to come in first.
I'm trying to decide what to do about my math fix since multivariable calc is offered only in the spring, before I fill mine out. Then there's the language placement test...
i've been going along the method of "what classes do i want to take before i graduate? what classes do i have to take before taking the classes i want to take? do my classes line up with all of the graduation standards," and stuff like that. i'm still kinda confused about the classes, but i'm sure the office of academic advising will be really helpful. i think we're in the majority for not knowing what to take for real.
Just a note that, in the past, a lot of first years have a really hard time getting into the classes they want. So when you're planning your schedule, plan for a lot of contingencies. Make a list of classes you wouldn't mind taking, so if the ones you want are full, it's easier to make a quick decision to switch.