purple_hues (purple_hues) wrote in agnesscott2009,

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

You can yell at me if you'd rather not have a massive Harry Potter discussion. I just noticed that there are some HP fans, so I thought I'd post about it.

I've finished the book. If anyone wants to chat about it, reply to this. Or go to my personal LJ, I just updated about it there.

But yeah. O.O It's incredible. I highly suggest reading it.

And since I'm talking about books, did anyone notice that our FYI group for "Bee Season" wants us to write a letter to the authur discussing "deep thoughts" about the book? Does anyone else think that's a little . . . I dunno, immature? That seems like one of those cheesey projects you get from your high school textbook. I can understand notes or thinking about it or key points or themes. But the letter thing just doesn't click for me.

I bet I'll read "Bee Season", love it, and feel guilty for that last paragraph. Ah well.
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i've been staring at the book that's lying on my dresser... warily... for a couple days...
HBP=greatness. Bee Season isn't too bad- there are some themes/ actions which are kind of thought provoking, so no worries.

I've chatted with my friends, but I wouldn't mind some more. My AIM is lackbeardlover. :)

Much Love,
i'm about half way through bee season, and so far i've enjoyed reading it, but i get what you mean about writing the letter. i mean, do they want us to analyze the book? seeing as how we're writing to the author, i really don't think she needs it to be explained to her at all. i think we're supposed to write about the book's "personal significance" to us, but so far i don't really have anything "personal" to say about it, or at least nothing that would be any different from like 90% of all the other people reading the book (assuming that a full 10% of the people have completely functional families, and can in no way relate to any of the characters, which is a big assumption - i mean come on, we all know that for most of us the term "functional family" is an oxymoron anyway). i'm sure i'll think of something though. :)
I've been waiting to discuss HBP, too! Leaky Lounge is packed, and it takes forever to load it because everyone is in the HBP discussion area.

Bee Season is next for me. I'm almost finished with rereading HBP--I have to reread the end during the day...
I am so very glad to know that "Bee Season" isn't that bad. It sounded interesting, but my sister said they usually pick books that are only okay and not really that good. But my sis is a creative writing major, so she's a little analytical.

I'm stuck not really talking about Harry Potter because I've had issues with the internet on my computer. So I'm using the family computer and never have more than an hour, usually. And no AIM. So please don't feel insulted if I don't speak to you. But I am glad to know that just about everyone who's read the 6th book has been surprised and shocked by it. I felt scandalized. I think I'll reread it before school starts -- which is officially in one month.
...don't feel bad, I thought it sucked.

"Dear Myla Goldberg,

You write well, but your story sucked.

Love, Jessica"
I'm on the last leg of it (for once, I didn't procrastinate on purpose). It's strange that the main character, Eliza, is practically a side character now with very little interesting things to talk about. And it doesn't help that I think I know where the story's going.

But yes, I like the writing. I really like Eliza. I'm just tired of reading about her family. And incredibly sick-and-tired of that section where her parents kept having sex. The main character is 10, so let's read about sex!

Yeah. I should go finish the book, though, shouldn't I?