purple_hues (purple_hues) wrote in agnesscott2009,

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

You can yell at me if you'd rather not have a massive Harry Potter discussion. I just noticed that there are some HP fans, so I thought I'd post about it.

I've finished the book. If anyone wants to chat about it, reply to this. Or go to my personal LJ, I just updated about it there.

But yeah. O.O It's incredible. I highly suggest reading it.

And since I'm talking about books, did anyone notice that our FYI group for "Bee Season" wants us to write a letter to the authur discussing "deep thoughts" about the book? Does anyone else think that's a little . . . I dunno, immature? That seems like one of those cheesey projects you get from your high school textbook. I can understand notes or thinking about it or key points or themes. But the letter thing just doesn't click for me.

I bet I'll read "Bee Season", love it, and feel guilty for that last paragraph. Ah well.
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